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The Interlocking black visible medallion is our most popular interlocking floor tile. The black colour gives this mat a durable look and feel while being easy to clean. It is also made from durable PVC and is suitable for internal use. Coverage 0.96m² and therefore we suggest you add and additional 3-5% for tile variance and wastage.

Most people might think that this tile is made of rubber but in actual fact it is made from flexible, durable PVC. Most of these type of tiles are made from plastic as rubber has a bad odor that makes the rubber tiles unusable for most applications.

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The interlock is the full width of the tile and therefor is ideal for car traffic, and industrial use. When used for frequent car or heavy foot traffic we recommend that the tile is adhered to the floor. The dimensions of the tile is 500mm x 500mm x 5mm and weighs 4.8kg per/m2.

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