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Interlocking Domestic floor tiles for your home

LockFloors Domesti Lock side tile

Domesti Lock Tile

5.5mm x 500mm x 500mm and weighs 5.73kg per/m2

Interlocking black or standard colour domestic floor tiles are going to change the way you tile your home.  South Africa has been waiting for a tile like this, and LockFloors is proud to take South Africa’s tiling industry into the future with our NEW interlocking floor tile – Domesti Lock Tile. – A 1st for South Africa

Here are 15 reasons why you should buy the domestic tile.

  1. The tile is neat and the lines are straight
  2. No mess and therefore ideal for renovations
  3. No grout
  4. Easy to install
  5. Quick to install
  6. Does not crack
  7. Can be used immediately after installation, or where glue is applied, 40 min later
  8. Recyclable. This means that the product is green
  9. We recommend that you seal the product for shine and makes it water proof
  10. Easy to clean
  11. Easy to replace
  12. Much warmer than ceramic tiles
  13. Hidden interlock that gives you a perfect finish
  14. Forms an isolation barrier
  15. Dampens noise

LockFloors Domesti Lock Full Tile

This tile has been sold for years in Europe, Australia and the States, but has never been introduced into to the South African market.  The grain is precisely designed with 9 layers of film to give you that tile look and feel, hiding away the dirt in it’s shadows, making it easy to clean and without the cold of ceramic.  This tile is ideal for living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and passages.

These tiles can be free laid or if you choose they can be stuck down with an epoxy glue for even better durability. (We recommend PEKAY A660)

To make this tile even more attractive we will buy back your floor in a few years’ time, if you want to change or renovate your room for a price per kg. (Terms and conditions apply)

Do not hesitate, ask for a free quote by clicking on the order tab to the right.

Domesti Lock Tiles.  “A room in every home.”

*We also recommend that you use our Silco Seal with this product and fill any cavities where dirt can gather.  Silco will form a protective layer over the tile and prevent minor scuffing.  Any sharp object pulled over the floor will cause a degree of scuffing.