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At LockFloors, we have developed multi-purpose floor tiles, also known as rubber floors, to be aesthetically luxurious and functionally durable. Our tiles are ideal for the Australian climate, whether in the east or west, north or south these tiles are made for Australia. All our flooring products are LockFloors manufactured and of the highest quality and offered at discounted prices with a 10 year guarantee. We can guarantee this because we manufacture all our flooring ourselves. By buying directly from us, the manufacturer, you get cost-effective pricing and the saving is passed on to you the customers at discounted prices.

With the same look and feel as rubber, flexible PVC has quickly come to the forefront as a better alternative to rubber. Extremely hard wearing, with no odor and much lower costs PVC has become the first choice when considering flooring options.

We have two main products available. The first is the Visible Lock medallion mat, developed for high traffic areas like: garages, offices, factories, showroom flooring, workshops, schools, crèches, etc. This tile has a visible interlock, interlocking throughout the tile and has the strongest interlock for heavy duty gripping. The second is our Hidden Lock medallion mat for a neater finish and used for medium traffic.  The interlock is hidden underneath the mat and only a line will be visible.

Our tiles are manufactured using durable PVC and are 100% heavy metal free and are recyclable. As green as it gets. The dimensions of our medallion tile is 500mm x 500mm. Although we sell the tiles as 5 mm thick, you will actually find that they are 5.2mm thick. What you have to keep in mind when ordering our tiles is that although the tile is 500mm x 500mm and is sold as a m² the 4 tiles exact coverage is 0.96m² and we recommend you add 3-5% for tile wastage and shrinkage for the visible tiles and 5-7% for the hidden. The finish is designed to provide a non slip surface yet still look luxurious and feel soft beneath the feet.

LockFloors tiles can be installed on any solid floor surface, although preferably one which is flat and smooth. When used for heavy traffic or vehicle traffic we recommend that you glue it down with a 2 part polyurethane glue.